Prigozhin is reportedly dead

The Wagner chief is reportedly dead after his jet crashed. The cause is unknown.

Prigozhin has reportedly died after his jet crashed under unclear circumstances. The incident occurred near the village of Kuzhenkino in the Tver region in the northwest, 100 miles away from Moscow.


He was accompanied by some of his closest associates and veterans in the Wagner group. The Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia published a list of the passengers on board. Here is a list of those on board:

Dmitry Utkin is the closest person to Prigozhin. He has been described as Prigozhin’s right-hand man and allegedly played a key role in founding the Wagner Group. He was also responsible for command and combat training.

Another accomplice who accompanied him was Valery Chekalov. He is one of the closest managers to Prighozin. He was responsible for the logistics support in the Wagner group. Chekalov was the head of Neva JSC, founder of Euro Polis LLC, where all Syrian and African projects were tied, and oversaw Prighozin’s projects abroad.

  • Sergey Propustin. He became a member of Wagner in March 2015. Propustin fought in the assault detachment and second reconnaissance, where Prigozhin recruited many personal guards.
  • Yevgeny Makaryan. His callsign is Makar, and he was a former precinct. In March 2016, Makaryan joined Wagner and became a part of the fourth Wagner assault detachment in Syria. The assault group came under fire in 2017 from an American aircraft near Khsham.
  • Nikolai Matusevich, who served as a shooter in the fourth assault detachment in Syria,
  • Alexander Totmin, tot.

The flight tracking service Flightradar has reported interesting events related to the accident. The business jet, Embraer RA-02795, descended 2.4 kilometres in 30 seconds and held its altitude for some seconds before it began to fall and crash. A part of the tail of the jet was found 3.5 kilometres from the crash site. The jet flew over the Tver region in upper airspace but was not in touch with the local flight control centre. Only when the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees arrived at the scene did the department head confirm the crash.

“Jet did not communicate with the Tver services in any way and did not give any signals; all control came from Moscow.”

Al Jazeera has reported that Prighozin’s phone was found next to one of the bodies in the crash. However, at the moment, Prighozin’s body has not yet been identified because the process of identifying the bodies has not yet been completed. Any statements regarding the situation are unofficial.

Kristina Raspopova, who is the stewardess of the jet, is the sister of a deputy prosecutor of one of the cities in the Chelyabinsk region. The prosecutor explained that the stewardess flew to Moscow a couple of days ago to wait for the flight to St. Petersburg. Kristina was called, and the team said that it was waiting for an important call.

“They say to fly today or tomorrow.”

According to the attendant, the plane was being repaired before departure.

The Federal Air Transport Agency, a special services commission, is currently investigating the events leading to the accident. They stated that they had to find the flight recorders for a study of the crash and its causes.


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