Poland Is Going To War Against Russia

Two soldiers on a shooting drill
Two soldiers on a shooting drill Photo by Daniel on Unsplash

Has Poland Triggered The World War III Bomb?

Has Poland started what the world has not wished for a lifetime? Has it started WWIII?

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The past few days have been busy for the International Community with the attempted coup on Russian President Vladimir Putin by the war mafia and Leader of the Private Military Group, Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin. The leader was allegedly in conflict with the Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, over the misappropriation of funds and strategic failures. Putin referred to this attempted coup as a “betrayal of their own country”. He termed them as insurgents. His speech sealed their fight, and I analysed it here: Putin’s Stance on the Fate of Wagner PMC

These events led to a deal being struck between Putin and Prighozin, with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko acting as the mediator. The deal meant that Prighozhin was to cease his advancements towards the Kremlin, which he was a mile away from. It was also deemed necessary for the war mafia to relocate to Belarus to ascertain his security as all criminal charges were dropped against him. I also wonder why, if you ask me. Criminal charges for an act of this scope translate to treason in the Russian Republic.

The relocation of Prighozin, popularly known as “Putin’s personal chef”, meant that the bases of his Wagner PMC mercenaries were going to be in Belarus. They still have the blessing of the Kremlin to continue their military activities and expeditions in Africa and the Middle East. I will soon write a story on this issue. Does this move scare anyone around? Yes, it does. This move has had three countries scrambling to advance their strategic military positions in fear of these mercenaries.

These countries are Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Poland's President Andrzej Duda was quoted as saying:

We see what is happening, the relocation of Russian forces in the form of the Wagner Group to Belarus, and the head of the Wagner Group going there, those are all very negative signals for us which we want to raise strongly with our allies

With the military and political instability happening in the region, the three countries seemed to have urged getting ready for any advancements from the most dangerous Private Military Group Wagner, which seems to be a few miles away from their borders. Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics was quoted saying this in Paris. He specifically said this:

This move needs to be assessed from a different security point of view. We have seen the capabilities of those mercenaries

Their Lithuanian counterparts, through Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, said that the mercenaries are just one day away from their capital city. This is what he had to say:

Our countries’ borders are just hundreds of kilometres from that activity so it could take them 8–10 hours to suddenly appear somewhere in Belarus close to Lithuania
It is creating a more volatile, unpredictable environment for our region.
We need to take the defense of the Baltic region very seriously

With this confusion, the World War III that people have seemingly thought was far from happening is now near enough.

Map of Belarus and its territorial neighbours.

These Baltic countries are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, commonly known as NATO. This therefore means that any military advancements in the region would trigger a response from the Alliance, which has membership in the USA, UK, and France, among other European Union countries. They would also trigger a response from the Russian side, which has a close relationship with Belarus. This would also encourage the involvement of China, which has been taking a military strategic position in African countries, and other countries aligned with the Communist Republic.

These events therefore spark a sense of a war that would crumble the world and bring about disorder. A war against NATO countries and former Warsaw Pact members could see the use of nuclear weapons, which would destabilise the world. I really wish the events in that region didn’t escalate in that direction. If you can clearly remember, the Second World War began there, which saw Adolf Hitler invade Poland. I sincerely hope that the Baltic countries remain calm and quell the situation quickly.

What do you think about these events? Do you think that we could witness a Third World War soon enough?

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